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Move a page

You are able to change the order of pages, how they will appear in the navigation tree. There are options available to move a parent page as a child page and to move a child page as a parent. If a page is moved as child page they will be displayed only if their parent page is clicked.

Follow the steps below to move a page:

1. From the Console screen click “Move a Page” or select “Move a Page” from top menu.



2. Select the page you wish to move


  • Click the up and down arrow key to move a page up or down
  • Clicking on right arrow key will convert a parent page to child page.
  • Click left arrow key to convert a child page to parent page.
  • Click “Save” to apply the changes


Child Page:
  • From the consoles main screen click “Move Page”
  • Select the page you wish to move
  • Click the up and down arrows to position the selected page directly under the page to be the parent.
  • Click the right arrow
  • Click “Save”