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Add a Standard Page

Please follow the steps below to add a standard web page to your website.

1. From the Console screen click “Add a Page” or select “Add a Page” from top menu..



2. Select “Plain Text Page” from the “Select a template” section and press “Next”.

If this is a parent page, select “New Parent Page” from “Page Type”. If this is going to be a child page, please select “Child Page” from “Page Type” and then select the appropriate parent page from the list of pages under “Select a Parent Page”.



3. Type page “Button Text”, “Page Title”, “Page Heading”, and select the type of “Page Restriction”.



4. Then go to “Page Text” section. The “Page Text” area contains the actual content of the page.



5. Click on the “Enlarge” button if you wish to get an expanded view. After you have set up the content click “OK”.



6. Click on “Preview” to see how the new page will look like or press “Save”. You can visit the page from your web browser by pressing “Visit Page”.