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Add a Flexi Form Page

Please follow the steps below to create a Flexible form web page to your website:

From the console main screen click “Add a Page”. Select “Flexi Form” from the “Select a template” section.

If this is a parent page, select “New Parent Page” from “Page Type”. If this is going to be a child page, please select “Child Page” from “Page Type” and then select the appropriate parent page from the “Select a Parent Page” list.


info You can organise page navigation sequence later by using “Move a page” – feature.

 Click “Next” to continue.

 The next screen displayed will prompt you to insert various information that will appear on your new page.


Button Text This is the text to appear in the menu. Try to keep this text short and descriptive.
Page Title This is the title of your new page. The title should be as descriptive as possible. Search engines and browser’s ‘Favourites’ use this section.
Page Heading This is the text that displays at the top of your content. This text is usually what your users will look at first in that page.


All can see Everyone on the Internet can see this page
Only members Only members on the Internet can see this page
Only members of a specific group Only members of a specific group on the Internet can see this page
Only specific members Only specific members on the Internet can see this page
Nobody can see Gives you the option to ‘hide’ particular pages within your site
Email The recipient of this email address will receive enquiries and form results.
Results Viewer User from the drop down selection box. The user selected will be able to view the form results online.


info  When you create online members from “Member Admin” – section, you can nominate a particular member group to access this page.


Enter the required information into the “Page text” area.



Insert the “Response Text”, this is the message that will display after the user submits their form.



Now add your required form fields by clicking “Add New Field”. When required configuring of the form is done, click “Save”.


General form settings Here you can setup form name, form type,  submit button text and enable reset button. Also you can enable Google map display which show on top of the form.
Add New Field This depicts how the response variables are presented. There are various options for Form Field Types here.
Edit Field To change or modify of any existed field.
Delete Field To delete of any existed field.


Click “Add New Field” to setup field type and mark the label. Click ” OK” to continue.


Field Note As a message or label to displayed on the form field.
Text Box Text field area is displayed for the user to insert their text response.
Text Area Allows the user to enter a longer response message.
Drop Down Allows the user to make one response selection only.
Check Box Allows the user to make a multi selection.
Radio Button Similar to the drop-down box option but displays in a radio-box format.
Date Picker Displays the system date picker.


Field Note



Text Box



Text Area



Drop Down



Check Box

Flexiform 9.1


Radio Button

Flexiform 9.2


Date Picker

Flexiform 10.1



You can click on “Preview” to see how the new page will look like. When you click on “Save”, the new page is created and added to your website instantly.

Flexiform 11