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How to set different background colour for Console Text Editor

information  This may have happened to you: Your website font colour is set to white and you are having trouble to view the text from WebConsole editor.

 The following documentation will assist you to set different background colour for your WebConsole Tex Editor:

Step 1: Login to WebConsole -> Click on Site Style -> Site Design from the dashboard or top menu bar.



Step 2:  Now you need to add a class in the main style using this design console. The button Add new Class or Id will allow you to add a new class. Add a new class named (.console_only) and click Create. (If this class is already added in the main style then skip this step and follow the step 3).



Step 3: Now select the newly added class and click on Add new attribute button. Select the attribute (background-color) from the drop down list and set your required colour by clicking on the right field of background color.



Step 4:  Finally click on Save Changes button for saving the changes.



Step 5: Now close your Console and login again to view the change.