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How to manage custom file

Please use ‘Manage Custom Files’ option to gain better control on the uploaded files to your site. By default the WebConsole stores files in secure places where access is restricted. If you require to remove files frequently from the site and no chance to use that again ‘Custom Files’ is the best option to use. Any files uploaded without using this feature, stays in the server and crawl able by web spiders. 

To use this feature please login to the Console and click ‘Administration’, then click click ‘Manage Custom Files’

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Cuistom File 1


Now please click ‘Add Folder’ to create a new folder so that you can organise your files properly. Put a name that clearly indicates what type of files are inside.

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Cuistom File 2


Once the new folder is created, click to open it.

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Cuistom File 3


Now please click ‘Browse’ and select the file that you would like to upload and hit the ‘Upload’ button.

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Cuistom File 4


Once the file is uploaded, you will find an URL to use that file. There is a ‘Delete’ button available to remove the file from server. Click ‘Rename File’ if you need to update the file name.