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What are my catalogue layout options?

When adding a new Product Catalogue page or a new sub-category, you will have the option of choosing one of 3 display layouts for that category, please see the image. This will effect the way that the products are displayed on the website and determine how your viewers see your products before they purchase them. It is important to select a layout that suits the type of products you are trying to display.

For example, if you have many small items that must fit on the same page then it is not wise to have each displaying with it’s own image. Your viewers would potentially be scrolling down for a long time before they found what they were after.

Each of these display options provides a unique way for you to present your category of products to the end user and they are explained here.

  • > Standard: This is the default layout and probably the most commonly used one of all. The standard display type will arrange your products as one for every line. The main product description image will display to the left of the description text and also the price. The “Add to cart” button will be to the far right hand side.

Product Layout_1

  • > Image: The image display option is ideal for things such as photo’s or paintings and others that don’t require a great deal of explanation upon first glance. The Image display type will arrange your products to be 2 per line and aligned horizontally. The item code will be displayed beneath the image next to the “Add to cart” button. Please note that there is no further description displayed here as users must click the product to see further details.
  • > Line Item: The line display option is ideal when many products are required on the same page. This option will separate each product onto a new line and hide the product image allowing for smaller gaps between products.

To select the appropriate layout option for your category select the category in the left hand tree and then Edit on the top menu. By clicking on a particular layout option you will be given a preview image of how your products will be laid out on the right of the screen. Select the one you are after and click “OK”. To update your site simply save your changes.