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How do I manage tax?

When your customers purchase from your website, you may require charging them an appropriate tax rate based on their purchase details. This requires your Tax Profiles to be setup and applied to your categories and products.



Click “Tax” and then click “Add Tax” to create a new Tax profile. To edit an existing Tax Profile, select the profile and then click on “Edit”. Please see the image above and the image below.



After clicking on “Add Tax” or “Edit”, following panel screen appears.



Edit as necessary or to create a new profile, please enter the “Tax Profile” Name in the top text box. To control how this tax profile will react when a user selects their Country/Region and State/Province in the order process you must define the locations and rates, each with a separate line below. To add a new line click the “+” or to remove an existing line click the “-“.

For example, in the above image you will see that our profile “GST” will apply to any user that selects “Australia” as their country. As the State/Province field is left blank, regardless of which state they choose they will be charged 10% tax on all items that apply. You also have the option to turn the display of this tax on and off by clicking the “Display” box.


Tax Profile Overview:

To see which products currently have what “Tax Profile” assigned to them, simply click on the “Product Tax Profile Overview”. This is an easy way to see which tax profiles products have applied.