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How do I manage freight?

The freight for items in the catalogue can be set by clicking on the freight button from the main menu.



After clicking on the Freight button, following panel will appear. Click on the drop down box to see available Rate type. This is the place where you have to organise the freight settings.


Flat Rate:

A flat rate for freight can be set by putting the amount in you wish to charge for a base rate of freight. This will apply to all orders.

You can also add extra handling charges on your freight with customised “Handling Text”. This text will be displayed on the invoice that your customers will receive.


Variable Rate:

Please make sure you are on Rates tab. A variable freight can be setup by selecting from the drop down menu.


The new variable freight allows the setup of a freight to be changed based on the price of the total order. The “Rate” is defined as the freight amount and the “Order Value” is entered as the maximum customer order value to which that rate is to be charged. A handling charge can also be added here.

You can add or remove more freight rates by using the “+” and “-” buttons. In order to setup a freight system, where, 5 will be charged as freight cost if the order value is less or equal to 25; for orders from 26 up  to 100 the freight will be 10, and anything over 100 will charge 15. Please see this setup in the example shown below.



Tax Profiles for Freight:

The “Tax Profiles” tab in your Freight window allows you to apply tax to both the freight and handling charges required.



By defaults it is set to GST but can be altered as needed. If you do not want to charge tax on your freight and handing charges, another “Tax Profile” is required to be created. It will then appear on this list.


Please visit “How do I manage TAX to know how to create a TAX profile.