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How can I sell from my website?

WebAlive offers you the capability to sell your products and services online via the Product Catalogue and E-Commerce features by turning your site into an Online Store. To allow your customers to purchase from your website we always recommend our clients at the very beginning to be accustomed with the Product Catalogue and E-Commerce features offered by WebAlive.

WebAlive has developed the ‘Product Catalogue’ page template as seen in the image below, which is designed to assist you in adding products and categories to display on your site. The Product Catalogue is the only page in the WebAlive console that will integrate into the shopping cart features offered in the E-Commerce section of your site. Setting up your E-Commerce functionality and by adding products to your site, users will be able to add your products / items to their online shopping cart and proceed to checkout with a few easy clicks.

To sell your products online;

How do I sell from my website-1

information  There are many Gateway Options to choose from, during E-Commerce setup. We recommend to do a personal research on each of them to find out the best that suits your needs.