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Group administration

You can create member groups to enable you to assign page view permission to large groups of members, or mail to groups of members.

How to create a group:

To create a new group:

  • > From the Main Console Screen, click “Member Admin”
  • > Click “Group Admin” or select “Group Admin” from top menu.
  • > Select “Enable group tracking from the member registration form” if you wish to track registered members and set a field name you would like to use in registration form. Press “Save Label”
  • > Click “Add Group”
  • > Enter the name of the new group. Make sure this name is not already being used for another group already.
  • > Enter the group activation code if you wish to use for tracking
  • > Click “Save”



  • > To rename a group please select the group and click on “Rename Group”.
  • > If you want to delete a group, select the group and then click on “Delete Group“.
How to assign a member to an existing group:

To assign a member to an existing group;

  • > From the Main Console Screen, click “Member Admin”
  • > Click “Group Admin” or select “Group Admin from “Member Admin” menu*.*
  • > In the “Available Groups” list select “No Group”
  • > A list of all members currently not assigned in a group is displayed in the “Not in any group” list.
  • > Select the “user name” of the member you wish to move into a group.
  • > A drop-down list appears above the” Not in any group” list. In this drop-down list select the group you wish to move the member to.