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Why can't I upload my photos?

For instructions on how to insert an image to your page please follow the steps given here.
If you are still experiencing problems with inserting your images be sure that your images are compatible with the web (i.e. they are in the right format).

For example, if your image was retrieved from a digital camera or from a photographer then it may be in CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black) format which is a standard colour format used for printing purposes, rather than the popular RGB (Red-Green-Blue)format, a widely accepted standard used in Web.

Most web browsers will not display the CMYK colour standard as this is designed for printing photograph’s and not displaying on websites.

Please note that regardless of the file type the image can still be in CMYK format. That is, a .jpg can be in both CMYK and RGB and look almost identical to the naked eye.

To ensure that your image is in the right format to upload to your site you may have to convert it to RGB using an image editing tool. This will allow you to convert the image as needed and then upload it onto your website.

To convert the image you will require an image editing application such as Microsoft Paint or Irfanview. A popular and common tool can be found at

For further information on web safe graphics please refer to the World Wide Web consortium homepage located here.