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How to update alternative text on images?

When inserting images, it is always a good practice to update the alternative (alt) text on your images. The main reasons are because search engines are large computers and cannot understand what is inside an image, so they read the alternative text instead.

To update your alternative text on your images:
> Insert your image. Click here to see, how to insert an image.
> Right click on the image and go to Image Properties. Please see the image below.

Alternative Text_1

> Enter your alternative text in the field at the bottom of the Image Properties window.

Alternative Text_2

> Click “OK” when done.

Alternative Text_3

> Press “Save “to apply the changes to your site.

Tips of alternative text:
> Use the keywords and key-phrases on your site to assist in Search Engine Optimisation.
> Use approximately 80-100 characters in your alternative text field.
> Accurately describe the image as best you can.