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How to do copy & paste in text editor?

When we try to copy and paste content from an external source to the editor, sometime we find discrepancies like different formatting, characters are in wrong place, different style. It happens because with the content we also copy predefined formatting.

Please look at the following image;


When we copied the content in text editor, we found;

contents 2

There are some options available to paste content in the text editor. After copying your content please click right in the text editor and then click on Paste Special


This will display the options related to Paste Special, please see the image below;

Clean HTML4

Please find details about these options in the table:

 Clean HTML   Inserts the contents of the Clipboard in HTML. 
 Styled HTML (Inline)   Inserts the contents of the Clipboard in HTML format with style information contained inline. 
 Styled HTML  (Embedded)   Inserts the contents of the Clipboard in HTML format with style information contained in an  embedded style sheet.  Imported styles will be merged with existing styles. 
 Plain Text   Inserts the contents of the Clipboard without formatting or style. 

Select the option you prefer and then click OK to confirm.

Inserting Plain Text:

There is an alternative way available to paste content as plain text. First of all paste your content in Note Pad, and then copy the content from note pad to your text editor. This will provide you content without any formatting.


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