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How do I make an image pop up?
To insert an image pop up:

> Click your cursor inside the text editor where you want to insert your image.

> Click on the Insert Image button

Image Popup_1

> Select the image from your computer and press “Open”.


> Set image attributes according to the following instructions.

3 image attributes3.1


  1. Select the image size to be displayed on the page. This is not the size of pop-up image. Pop up image will be appeared at its original size.
  2. Click the check box to enable “Add hyperlink to this image?
  3. Check the radio button of “Image Pop UP”.
  4. Click the “Save” button to apply the changes 

    > Once the changes are saved successfully, following message will appear. Click “OK” to continue.


Image Popup_4


> Now please click on save button to apply the changes to your site.


Image Popup_5

Now if the small image is clicked, a large image will be displayed.