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How do I make a consistent page?

A page can be enhanced by using header, paragraph, table etc. Click here to see how table can help to control the page layout. There are six heading available;

H1 – 24 point type. This is the largest one.
H2 – 18 point type
H3 – 14 point type
H4 – 12 point type
H5 – 10 point type
H6 – 08 point type. This is the smallest one.
P – Defines new paragraph.

Please see the image below;


How to do this:
When you are in the text editor, please type using keyboard as necessary and then select the words / sentences / title that you would like to highlight.


In the below image, we have created a title using different headings. A paragraph is also showed. When you hit the ‘Enter‘ button from the keyboard, it creates new paragraph. Sometimes it may cause a big line gap if you want to create a new line by hitting the ‘Enter‘ button.



info  Click here to see why your line gaps are too big.

A sample page created using headings and paragraph:


In this image, we have used a table to separate text and images. Different headings are used depending on the importance of the title.

info  Click here to see how to improve the layout of a page using a table.