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How do I add multimedia (YouTube video and flash file)?

Multimedia files can be inserted using WebConsole. By using WebConsole you will be able to insert flash file and YouTube video. To insert multimedia in a page of your website please make sure you are in the text editor of that page.


Flash Video:
Click on Insert Flash button from the text editor’s toolbar. Please see the image above.


Please click on Browse button. Select the flash file from your computer that you like to insert. When done please click Save button to save the changes.

YouTube Video:
Click on Insert YouTube Video Code button from the text editor’s toolbar. Please see the image above.

Following panel will appear after selecting. Please paste the embedded code in the text area by pressing “Ctrl+v” from your keyboard. When done please click on Save to insert the video in your page.

multimedia2 (1)3

Where do I get the YouTube code?

If you have not uploaded your video in YouTube yet, please upload it and click on the video link. Your video will be started playing. Click Share and select option Embed, copy the embedded code and paste it to your WebConsole page by following the above instructions.


At the end, please do not forget to click Save to apply the changes to your website.

Insert Multimedia5