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How do I add an image to my site?

You can insert an image in your web page, by clicking the cursor in the place where you would like the image to appear (e.g, just after the Inserting Image text or within a table cell). Click the “Insert Image” button from the toolbar, please see the image below;



You will then be prompted to find the image that is saved on your computer.


Once you have located the image double click on it to proceed to the next step.

warning You will only be able to open standard web images that include .gif, .jpg and .png. If your image is not saved in one of these file types, you will not be able to upload it to your site.

After selecting the image you will be prompted with the “Set Image Attribute” screen.



Altering the Image Attributes will alter the way it is displayed on your page. Your options include:

> Image size:
Select one of the predefined sizes from the drop down box or type in your own pixel width and height. Note, selecting one of the predefined sizes will not alter the aspect ratio of the image, that is, it will not distort the image.

> Wrap Text:
Enable this option to align the image to the left or right of a text paragraph. For suggested formatting to achieve proper horizontal and vertical alignment, please also see the article on tables located here

> Link Type:
This will let you add a hyperlink to the image so that it is treated as a button. Tick the “Add hyperlink to this image” box, and then select the link type below. For information on the standard link types please refer to the hyperlink article here. Also, information relating to image pop-up’s can be found here.

Press the “Save” button to insert the image in your page.


When you are happy with the other changes you have made to your page press “Save” to update your website.
Refresh your page in your browser to view the changes you have made including your image.