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How do I view my website?

When you receive your welcome email from WebAlive, your website is already live and viewable.

warning  Sometimes a new or transferred website may need up to 24 hours to be visible depending on your DNS cache.

Please visit your domain using your favourite browser. If your domain name is, you need to type in your browser and can expect to view the following page.


This is a splash page. Your website at this point of time is ‘hidden’. As you continue to build the website, you can view your progress by going to your site’s preview page

info  You can preview a hidden website by adding ‘preview.php’ after the trailing slash.

warning  Please note, making a website ‘hidden’ does *not* make the website invisible to search engines. If your site is hidden, your site will still be indexed by search spiders in the normal fashion.

You can alter your website status from ‘Hidden’ to ‘Published’ and vice versa at any point of time by doing the following:

> From the Console main screen, click on Administration

> Click Publish Site to publish the website (Note: this button will appear if your site is currently hidden).

> Click Hide Site to hide the website (Note: this button will appear if your site is currently published).