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How do I use WebConsole?

Once you have logged into the WebConsole, the following main options are available from the screen.

Add a Page – Allows you to create various pages for your website.


info  There are many types of pages you can select from – web page, contact us page, news items and more.


Edit a Page – Allows you to edit your existing pages.

Move Pages – Allows you to reorganise the pages of your website.

Delete a Page – Allows you to remove a page from your website.


warning   When you delete a page, the page is deleted from your website permanently and may not be recovered. If you have accidentally deleted a page, please contact our technical support to find out if it can be recovered.


Ecommerce – button will allow you to configure Ecommerce settings for your website.

E-mail Admin – allows you to create your email accounts and lets you configure advanced email and spam settings for your domain.

Member Admin – allows you to administer and communicate with your website members.

Administration – gives you the administrative access you will require to administer your site such as layout, contact address, changing password, hiding/publishing your website. You can backup/restore your website, see visitor statistics and apply Google and other integration from this section.

Site Styles – lets you alter the appearance of your site. This is where you will find existing free templates.


info  If you want to customise your template, please contact WebAlive support. There are many free and paid options for you to customise your website template.