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What is this message “click to activate and use this control”?

This is a result of the latest Internet Explorer update.
Microsoft recently lost a legal battle with a patent holder about the way Internet Explorer displays OBJECTs and EMBEDs (essential for Flash animations to operate) in web pages. Microsoft then decided to update its Internet Explorer browser with changes requiring user input to display and activate ActiveX based media.

This affects all Flash animations but also other files such as QuickTime, RealPlayer, Java and Adobe Acrobat among others. It means users have to click the object first in order to activate its functions.

If your website has a flash banner that has been designed by WebAlive we will be updating the all clients websites to so the user won’t see the message “click to activate and use this control”. This update is due to be released in June 2006.

If you have inserted Flash into the content of your website WebAlive will be updating the ‘Insert Flash’ button in the WebAlive Console so your website visitors will not see the message indicated above.