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How to send files to WebAlive
Step 1: Please compile all your files in a folder and compress the folder.

To compress a folder in Windows 7 or Windows XP, please right click on the folder, select “Send to” and click on “Compressed (zipped) folder”. You will then see a compressed file in the same location with a .zip extension to the folder name. For example, if your folder was named “My Folder”, you should see a zip file named “My” in the same location.



Mac OS X:

1.  Locate the file or folder you want to compress. You can select multiple files and folders by holding down the Shift key (for multiple items) or the Command key (for several individual items) and clicking.



2.  After you have selected the files and folders, right click on them, and then select Compress.



3.  A window will appear indicating that your Mac is compressing the files or folders. Depending on the size of the files or the folders, this could take a couple minutes.


4.  Once your Mac has finished compressing the files or folders, you will see a nice little zip file. This contains all of the files and folders you selected to be compressed. Just send this to your Mac- or PC-using friends – they will be able to open it. All Mac users have to do to open the zip file is double-click it!



Step 2: Upload the compressed file to WebAlive drop box.

Please go to the following URL:

You should see a screen like below. Using the form, please upload the zip file.