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How do I restrict access to my catalogue?

Please select the “Category” and click on “Edit” to see the available options.

Manage Product_3

After clicking on “Edit” button, the following panel will appear. Change category name if required, and pick a display option. Display options control the way of product appearance on the page.

Catalogue Restriction_2


        > Check “Category Access is Restricted” to apply the restriction on this category.
        > Check “Category is Hidden” to hide the category to all
        > Apply access restriction between the Members;

Member Group Description
 Category is  Hidden  If you enable this option, no one will be able to access this category. You will be able to access it only by using the console. This option can be used  while you are editing or updating a category or if you require to hide the category temporarily.
 Category Access  is Restricted  Enable this option if you like the category to be available to registered members only. When unchecked, everyone will be able to visit.
 All Members  Only registered members will be able to visit the category
 group1  This is a pre-created group name. Selecting this group will let the members to visit the category only who are in this group. Click here to see, how to  create members and add them in a group.