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How do I create three levels of navigation?

While creating or updating the navigation of your website you may at some stage wish to create more than two levels of navigation. This can be achieved in the WebAlive WebConsole by creating hidden pages.
The site can not have more than two levels on the left navigation bar, however, using your page content to hyperlink to your third page can be just as effective by utilising hidden pages and internal hyperlinks.

For example, you may wish to have the following structure on your site
1.1 Home
1.2 About Us
1.2.1 About Our Staff About John Smith

Firstly, create the parent page “About Us” then create a child below that called “About Our Staff”. Now you will have to create a third page that will act as the third level of navigation. This third page does not have to be a child page it simply has to be a “Hidden Page”.
To create a “Hidden Page” simply set the page restriction to “Nobody Can See”. See Figure 1.

Three Levels of Navigation_1

 Figure 1.


The page will hold the content for “About John Smith”.By setting the restriction to “Nobody Can See” the page will be hidden from the navigation.

The navigation will now look something like this. See Figure 2.

Three Levels of Navigation_2

 Figure 2.


Now, to link to this page from your child page – you will have to edit the “About Our Staff” page once more. On the page text screen on “About Our Staff”, click the “Insert Hyperlink” button at the top of the page.
Insert the text you would like as the button for this link as the “Display Text”. In this case the “Display Text” will be “About John Smith”. Now select “Internal Page” as the link type and select the hidden page as the link page. See Figure 3. Then save this page.

Three Levels of Navigation_3

 Figure 3.


Now view the “About Our Staff” page and you will see the “About John Smith” page linked here. This is the third layer of navigation.
Using this method there is no limit to the amount of layers your navigation may have.