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How do I create a desktop shortcut of WebAlive Console?

You will get a desktop shortcut after successful installation of the program. But if you do not see the shortcut or you have lost somehow, then you can manually add a shortcut by doing the following.

  • General way:

Click Start > All Programs > WebConsole > WebAlive WebConsole, and then right-click on it > Send to > click Desktop (create shortcut)

  • Alternative way:

Step 1. Click ‘Start’ menu and select the ‘Run’ option.



Step 2. Type into the run dialogue box javaws -viewer. Your computer will run the ‘Java Web Start Application Manager’. Please see the following image,



Step 3. Click on the application to select.
Step 4. Click ‘Install Shortcuts’ from the top. Please see the above image.

After this, you will get a shortcut on your desktop. Whenever you need to launch the WebAlive WebConsole, simply double click on the icon.