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Setting the Root Folder Path for your IMAP account

warning  IMAP does not delete any emails from the server, so you may reach to your email space quota, if you do not delete your emails manually. Reaching your email space quota can have an affect on receiving emails.

Several IMAP server implementations, work from the Inbox folder as a root folder. New folders can then indeed only be created directly under the Inbox folder which can interfere with Outlook’s internal folder structure. To make the change of your Root folder path, you will have to go to the ‘Advanced Settings’ tab of your account configuration;

  1. Open your Account Settings dialog;
    > Outlook 2003
    Tools-> E-mail Accounts…-> Options -> View or change existing e-mail accounts -> button Next
    > Outlook 2007
    Tools -> Account Settings…-> tab E-mail
    > Outlook 2010
    File -> section Info -> button Account Settings -> tab E-mail

      2.  Double click on your IMAP account to open the account settings.

      3.  Click on the More Settings… button.

      4.  Select the Advanced tab.

      5.  At the bottom, set the ‘Root folder path’ option to ‘Inbox’. Click OK to save the change.


     6.  After setting the option and confirming your way out of all of the opened dialogs, you will get a notification that your IMAP has flushed all cached folders. Click OK.