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Mail Quota Warning

 ****** Your mailbox with us is now more than 90% full ********

You are receiving this warning, because your mailbox is about to be full. Please be aware, when our mailbox is full, further incoming emails to this account will be bounced back to the senders due to lack of sufficient space to store those emails.

If you are unsure about this warning or if you require further assistance, please contact our technical support.


If you have received an email that looks like above, you can either reduce your mailbox usage or request to increase your mailbox size.

Reduce mailbox usage

> Please login to our WebMail by going to the following link: Use your full email address and email password to Login. Once you are logged in, please delete all unnecessary emails from the Inbox, Sent, Junk, Trash and other folders. If you do not remember your email password, you can reset it from the WebAlive Console. To find out how to reset your email password, please follow the instructions here.
> You can use a POP3 client such as Outlook to download emails to your computer which ‘by default’ removes the emails from the server. You can find Outlook setup instructions in here.
> If you are checking emails from more than one Computer (or iPhone/other mobile device) you can choose to leave a copy of the emails in the server for a certain period of time so that all your email applications get a chance to download all your emails. You can find instructions on how to do this here. We recommend you to leave a copy on the server for approximately 7 days. But this number will vary depending on your email usage trend.

Increase mailbox size

If you use IMAP or you think that you need a much larger mailbox and want to increase the size of your mailbox, please contact WebAlive Support via lodging a ticket through your WebAlive Portal Account by clicking here