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How to setup Entourage for Mac

You will need your email server settings to set up your email program. These information can be retrieved from ‘Account Setting’ option from the “Email Related‘ support section.  Please enter you email address or domain name to get the information.

> Now please open Entourage.
> In the First name field, type your first name.
> In the Last name field, type your last name.
> Click the right arrow button.

1. entourage


Keep entering necessary information and once you reached to the following panel, select how you would like to configure the system

2. entourage-setup


Enable Junk Mail Filter

3. entourage-assistant


Now please enter the name that should appear as a sender

4. your-name


Select I already have an email address I’d like to use.

In the E-mail Address field, type your full email address (e.g.,

Click the right arrow button.

5. your-email


Now please select POP/IMAP and enter necessary information received from the ‘Account setting’ panel.

6. mail-servers


Enter the email address and password to proceed

7. id-password



And that will complete the process by showing you a congratulation message

8. entourage-congratulation


From the Tools menu, choose Accounts. Select your mail account in the list. Click the Click here for advanced sending options button.

9. entourage-login

Please enter the port number received from the ‘Account Settings’ panel.