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How do I setup Netscape Communicator?

When you open Netscape Communicator for the first time, the Add New Account Wizard will appear. You simply need to follow through each of the dialogue boxes that are presented in order to setup Netscape Communicator to receive mail through your mail server. If the Wizard does not appear, you can get to it by clicking on the Edit menu, then select Mail and Newsgroup Account Setting. Click the Add button to the right and select Mail.

The first dialogue box will ask you for your Account type. You need to choose Email Account as depicted below.



The next dialogue box will ask you for your display name and your email address. The Display name (Your Name) will show up in other people’s email programs when you send them email. You can type your full name here, or use a generic name such as “WebAlive Info”, or “WebAlive Support Department”.

In the “Email Address” field simply type your email address. For example if you have created an ‘Email Account’ called John Smith for the domain then the correct email address would be:


Click next and the Server Information screen will appear.
You should use the setting “POP3” server.
You will need to type the host name of the mail server for incoming and outgoing mail.

See the section Email Settings to determine your mail servers. If you need assistance verifying your Outbound Mail server settings please contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for these details.


See the section Email Settings to determine your username.


Use a single ‘Left Mouse’ Click on the ‘Next’ button to move to the Account Name screen. Enter the name by which you will refer to this account. e.g. Work Account


Click on the Next button to verify your set-up details. Then click Finish


Once you have completed the wizard, Netscape Communicator is configured to send and receive email.