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How do I add a new email address?
From WebAlive Portal

Email address can be added from the WebAlive client portal –

Log into WebAlive Portal at – and click ‘EmailConsole’. Click the manage button of your desired domain (if you have more than one domain with us)

1. email-console


This will show you the email admin panel where you will be able to create and administer email accounts.

Email Board


From WebConsole

Please login to console and click on “E-mail Admin” button or “E-mail Admin” from Top Menu.



Click on “Email Account Admin” from main screen or from “E-mail Admin” menu.



Click “New” to create new email address.


You can fill out the information and click on “Save” and the email address will be created instantly.

Email Forwarding:

If you want to create an email address such that the emails delivered to that address are forwarded to another address, you can setup email forwarding.

email forwarding
 In the example above, any email sent to will be delivered to

warning  If you want to save a local copy of the email while it is being forwarded to another address, please visit WebAlive support



If you want an automated response to be delivered to the sender of the email, you can use the “Auto-response” feature.

Auto response
When the email address is selected, please check the “Auto-Response” box and insert the response in the text-area above