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Avoid "timeout" errors when checking email

Users may face this problem if the Email server reacts slowly to complete a request. In that case, please increase your ‘Server Timeout’ time from your computer’s Email Client (i.e Outlook 2003/2007, Outlook Express). Please follow the steps below to increase the Server Timeout.

Click here for Outlook 2007

Click here for Outlook Express


Outlook 2007
To Increase the ‘Server Timeout’ you will need to do the following:

> Open Outlook 2007

> Click on the Tools menu

> In the Tools menu click on the menu that says “Account Settings”

> Double Click on the e-mail account that you would like to change

> Click on the button that says “More Settings”

> Click on the tab that says “Advanced”

> You will see a section that says “Server Timeouts”. In this section move the slider bar all the way to “Long”.

> Click on OK

> Click on Next and then click Finish

> Restart Outlook


Outlook Express
To increase the mail server timeout value in Outlook Express please follow these steps:

> Open Outlook Express

> Go to Tools and select Accounts.

> Highlight the mail account and click Properties.

> Click the Advanced tab and slide the Server Timeouts bar to 5 minutes.

> Click Apply. Click OK. Click Close.