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How does E-Commerce Work in My Website?
What E-Commerce features are available in WebAlive?

WebAlive gives you the capability to offer your products or services for sale online.

WebAlive offers a range of e-commerce options. By default your WebAlive website uses email ordering, where you receive orders through your email account. There are however, a number of payment gateways available.


The steps required to activate online shopping system on your website are:
Set up your e-commerce in WebAlive:

You must set up your website’s E-Commerce functionality. This will enable the ‘add to cart’ / ‘Buy’ buttons on your site and must be done for you to be able to receive any orders online.


Please click “E-Commerce” From the Main Screen or Top Menu of the console.



Click on “Gateway Setup” From the Main Screen or Top Menu of the console.



 Select the “Payment Gateway” from the drop down box that you would like to use.


warning Please Note: You will have to register with your desired gateway in order to create an account with them. A register button will appear next to the drop down box upon selecting your gateway. Clicking this will guide you through the registration process for that payment gateway.


  • Please fill the required fields with the details provided to you upon registering with your chosen gateway. Please see the above image where PayPal is selected as the gateway and below that necessary information have been provided.
  • Select the “Default Currency” you wish to trade in from the drop down box
  • Please click “Save” to apply the changes

If you click on the “Save” the following window will appear.


  • Click on “OK“.

Your site’s E-Commerce function is now setup and you are ready to sell products online. Visitors will be able to pay using the gateway you selected.

Available PAYMENT GATEWAYS in the console:

The WebAlive Console offers a number of different payment gateways to allow processing of secure credit card transactions with the WebAlive online store module. Note that only one payment gateway can be enabled at one time.

Below is a list of the available payment gateways. Please refer to each vendor’s website for the most up to date information on their joining fees, transaction charges, terms and conditions.

NO GATEWAY – Disables “shopping cart/buy now” button. Online store will display as normal, however orders and transaction will be disabled.

EMAIL – Allows orders to be received via email only. No payments are processed online. Payments must be manually processed by the store owner










Create a Product Catalogue page on your website.

Adding a new product catalogue is much like adding any other type of page. Product Catalogues can also be added or moved to a ‘child page’ position.

To add a new product catalogue:


  • Click “Add a Page” from the main console screen
  • Select “Product Catalogue” from the ” Select a Template” drop down list.
  • Select “New Parent Page” from the ” Select a Parent Page” drop down list
  • Click “Next” to continue
  • Enter the category name – this will be the text that appears as the button text.

Your product catalogue is now ready to add products / items to sell online.

How do my customers purchase from my website?

WebAlive offers you the capability to sell your products and services online via the Product Catalogue and E-Commerce features, turning your site into an online store. To allow your customers to purchase from your website we suggest that you first familiarise yourself with the Product Catalogue and E-Commerce features offered by WebAlive.

WebAlive has developed the ‘Product Catalogue’ page template which is designed to assist you in adding products and categories to display on your site. The ‘Product Catalogue’ is the only page in the WebAlive console that will integrate into the shopping cart features offered in the E-Commerce section of your site. By adding products to your site and then setting up your E-Commerce functionality, users will be able to quickly add your items to their online shopping cart and proceed to checkout with a few easy clicks.

To begin adding your products you must first add a Product Catalogue page to your site. From there you may start adding products and items and control other features such as Tax, Freight, Invoices  and many more options.