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How do I use Meta tags?
What exactly is a Meta tag?

A meta tag is a line of code (you can enter your information in plain text within the console) that contains metadata about a web page. Meta tag information doesn’t change how the page looks; it won’t be seen by the website viewer, unless they are viewing your source code. There are two common types of meta tags — meta description tags and meta keywords tags.

Meta description tags describe, in some way, the web page. For example for a website selling books online “” , we might use “We sell a huge range of books for purchase online” The meta keywords tag lists other words that a visitor might be searching for, like books online, buy books online, books.

Please follow the steps below to configure meta tags:

1. Click on “Administration” and select “Meta Tag Configuration” from Top Menu of the console.



2. Select the page where you wish to work (from the drop-down menu) and then add the necessary information e.g. author, copyright, description and keywords. Add keywords with a comma between them.



3. please click on “Save” to apply the changes.



Meta Author

The Meta Author tag will display the author of the document. This Meta tag will reference the name of the person who developed the HTML/XML document being viewed. If you use the Meta Author tag, it is recommended to use it with the author’s first and last name. It is not recommended to have the inclusion of the author’s email address due to the proliferation of Spam. If the author would like to be contacted, it is advised to include a contact form on a HTML page instead.

Example of a Meta Author tag:

<META NAME=”Author” CONTENT=”George Costanza,”>


Meta Copyright

The Meta Copyright tag is used to include a copyright, trademark, patent, or other information that pertains to intellectual property.

Example of a Meta Copyright tag:
<meta name=”copyright” content=”Copyright 2011″>


Meta Description

The Meta Description tag gives a brief overview of the document. The Meta Description tag is a short, plain language description of the document, usually consisting of 20-25 words or less. Search engines that support the Meta Description tag will use the information to publish on their search results page, normally displaying below the Title of your site listing.

Example of a Meta Description tag:

<META NAME=”description” CONTENT=”Citrus fruit wholesaler.”>


Meta Keywords

The Meta Keywords tag is used to list keywords that define the content of your site. In addition to words from the title, document body, and other areas search engines use keywords to properly index your site. The Meta Keywords tag is typically used for synonyms and alternates of title words.

Example of the Meta Keywords tag:

<META NAME=”keywords” CONTENT=”oranges, lemons, limes”>


warning If you need to add any additional types of meta tags, please contact WebAlive Support via lodging a ticket through your WebAlive Portal Account by clicking here