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How do I change the layout of my template?

Please follow the steps below to change the website layout:

1. From the Console screen click “Administration” button and select Site Configuration or select “Administration” –> Site Configuration from top menu.



2. Please select the “Layout Configuration” tab to see the available options.



From here you will be able to:

  • Enable member login. It will allow your site members to login through the website.
  • Enable online member registration. Visitors will get chance to be registered as a site member.
  • Allow members to modify their details online. Member will be able to add, edit or update their profile information.
  • Show Member Login in main header with the selection option “left Side” or “Right Side”.
  • Enable member login details recovery.
  • Enable address display. This will display your contact details on the site.
  • Enable featured home page product. If you would like to highlight any of your products, select this option and specify how many products you want to be displayed on the home page.
  • Enable captcha in forms. Enable or disable captcha for your site from here. You can select “Default Captcha” or “Re Captcha” ( Re Captcha will work with only registration form)
  • Custom footer code: Where you can easily edit your footer with your own HTML code.

Press “Save” button after applying any changes.