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How do I sell eBooks and files?

Through your Product Catalogue you also have the ability to sell downloadable files such as eBooks and music.

Creating downloadable products is the same as creating a standard product as detailed in How do I add products and items? When adding a new product simply select “Download” from the Product Type drop down box. You will be prompted with a warning asking if you want to change product types, see the image below. Click “Yes” to continue.


Once a user has purchased a downloadable product they will be emailed instructions on how to download their file as part of their order invoice. These instructions will include such things as a link to the secure page and order login instructions.

Once they click on their download link, buyers are required to authenticate themselves by entering the details they receive in their email. Please note, payment status must be set to paid in order for this download file to be available. This may be set by the buyer completing your online payment method of choice or by updating the status in e-commerce reports.

Once the buyers’ login details have been confirmed, a link to the file will be displayed on the screen and they will be able to save it to their computer.