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How do I manage discount?

Discounts allow price reductions on products that are unique such as a discount for members or bulk purchase discounts.


From the product catalogue main menu select “discounts” on the left tree menu. Click on the “Add Discount” button from the top menu. To edit an existing discount, select the Discount Profile and then click on Edit.


The discount window will appear as shown below.


Enter the “Name” and “Amount”. The amount can be a percentage “%” or price discount. “Applies to” drop down box allows you to apply this discount to particular member groups or each user. This will default to “Everyone” if you do not select a member group.

Apply discount to members and groups:

All members Selecting All members will make the discount available only for the registered members of this site
Everyone Everyone will get the discount.
group1 This is a pre-created group. There are some members added in this group. Selecting group1 will make the discount available only for the group1 members
group2 This is another pre-created group. Members who are in group2, are not available in group1. New discount profile requires to create if you want to bring this group under any offer.

The “Applies to Order” button will apply the discount to the entire order, instead of individual products. If you wish to apply discounts to individual products do not select this option and you can then drag the discount onto an individual product. 

forbidden  Selecting “Compound Discount” means that this discount will be added together to other discounts that may already be applied to products and orders. Be careful using this feature as you could be selling the product at a loss.

 “Volume Discounts” can be applied by selecting a dollar amount or a unit amount. If a dollar amount is set, eg. 100, when a customer orders that item to a value of 100 or more, the discount will apply. In the case of units, then it is the required number of units that must be bought in order to receive the discount.


Add discount to a single product:


You may require to add discount feature to an individual product. to do this, please;

  1. Select the product
  2. Click the discount profile that you would like to add against the product.
  3. Drag the profile and drop it on the Discounts box.
  4. Click Save to apply the change.

Please see the image below, after applying the discount on a single product.



Browser View:

Please see the browser view of a product after added discount.


It is showing the discount information and the both prices before and after added discount.