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Emailing members

You can email members individually, any number of selected members, by group, or all members. Your member list can become an invaluable marketing and customer relationship tool. To email members:

  • > From the Main Console Screen, click “Member Admin”
  • > Click “Email Members” or select “Email Members” from top menu.
  • > Select your members to email
  • > To select all members, click Select All
  • > To select a group, use the Select By Group drop-down list
  • > To select individual members, click on the members name in the main list.
    If you wish to select multiple users hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on any subsequent member names.
  • > Create the email you wish to send to your members. Ensure you include the subject and text. You can also add an optional attachment.
  • > Click Send

emailing members