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What makes a good web page?

Content is the absolute key of a successful web site. It is after all the reason for having a web site in the first place. Your aim should be, to have a compelling web site that will impress your visitor and express how serious you are about your business or enterprise.

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Research said the a site that is able to deliver the required information to a visitor in three mouse clicks is a good site. The research analysed concluded that the following all pay a part in making a good website:                                                                                                                                      

> The design of the site and impression on first sight.

>Time to load the site.

> Accessibility and ease of use

> Regular updated

> Testimonials

> Online stores

> Press clippings

> Articles and product/service reviews

> Plenty of description/information regarding a product or service

> Latest company news

> Search engine optimised

WebAlive has been designing sites from the ground up, to create high quality website, and to keep it up to date.

Try and keep your site looking fresh and new. Change the outlook of the front page, banner regularly. Keep adding content, add ‘Latest News’ section and update each week.