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How do I remove inline style

To remove inline Styles from an existing page, open your page with the editor, select the paragraph (or the entire content by pressing CTRL + A) and then click on Remove Formatting button.



Inline styles, while they have a purpose, are not the best way to maintain your Web site. Please have a look at the disadvantages of using Inline Styles below:

  1. Inline styles do not separate content from design:
    In fact, inline styles are exactly the same as embedded font tags and other design tags that should stop using. The styles only affect the exact tag they are applied to, and while that might give you more control, it also makes other aspects of your design and development more difficult.
  2. Inline styles cause more maintenance headaches:
    When you are working with style sheets, it can sometimes be very difficult to figure out where a style is being set. When you add a mixture of inline, embedded, and external styles and you have even more locations to look. Then, once you find the style and get rid of it, you will have to get rid of it on every element on every page where it’s been placed. Which can increase your maintenance work astronomically.
  3. Inline styles are not as accessible:
    While a screen reader or other assistive device might be able to handle the attributes and tags effectively, some of the older devices do not and can result in some strange Web pages. Plus, the extra characters and text can affect how your page is viewed by a robot such as a search engine, so your page optimization would not do as well as a page with external style sheets.
  4. Inline styles make your pages bigger:
    If you set a style on every paragraph on your site, you can do it once with like 6 lines of code and an external style sheet. But if you do it with an inline style, you will have to add those styles to every paragraph of your site. If you have 5 lines of CSS, that’s 5 lines multiplied by every paragraph on your site. That bandwidth can add up in a hurry.