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How to uninstall WebConsole?
 Remove WebAlive Console Software from a Windows Computer

> Please go to Control Panel from Start menu.

> Click on Uninstall a program.*



> Select any WebAlive application you have installed.

> Click ‘Uninstall

> Please repeat this procedure for all installed WebAlive software.




Removing WebAlive Console Software from Java Cache in a Windows Computer

> Please click Start.

> Type ‘Run‘ and hit the ‘Enter‘ key.

> Type the following string in the input text box and press OK.

javaws -Xclearcache


warning   The above command typed in the run box will remove all old WebAlive remains even though they are displayed in the uninstall programs.

Remove WebAlive Console Software from a Mac Computer

Quit all running WebAlive Console Software. Drag the software icon to trash from your applications folder or where ever you saved the application. Once the software is removed, please follow the steps below to make sure that the software is removed from Java Cache.

> Open Finder

> Go to Applications.

> Find the Utilities folder.

> Find the Java folder and go to J2SE folder, where you will find Java Preferences. Open this file.


> The Java Preferences window will open. Select Delete Files under the General tab.


> The Delete Temporary Files window will open. Make sure all boxes are checked. Select OK.