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How to forward emails "As Attachment" in Outlook.
Why would you want to do that?

Forwarding as an attachment is a way to share the email header, body in exactly the form you received it. This makes it easier for the recipient of your forward to reply to the original sender and it preserves some message details that can otherwise be lost — useful to help troubleshooting email problems.

Outlook has no obvious built-in way to forward emails as attachments, so you need to follow these steps to accomplish it:-

1. You must select two or more emails; like this:-
          > Click on the email you want to forward,
          > then hold down your “SHIFT” key on your keyboard,
          > and click on the next email after it.
          > Then click the “Forward” button:-



2. When the “Compose” window pops up, click on the email attachment you don’t want to forward, and press your “delete” keyboard button to remove it:-