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How to create a member protected page?

A member protected page can be created by applying page restriction using console. This will help to control the page availability to members, a particular member or group of members according to the option applied.

When we add a new page or edit an existing page, we usually come across following page restriction option;

Member Protected_1


 Option  Effect
 All can see  This is the default option. If this option is selected, the page will be available for everyone to visit.
 Only members  Only registered members will be able to visit the page
 Only members of a specific  group  Select this option and select a group name, none but the members who are in that group will get  access to the page.
 Only a specific member  This will let a single member to visit the page.
 Nobody can see  Selecting this option will make the page invisible to everyone. Page will be available through  console only.
All can see:

If the page doesn’t require any restriction, select “All can see” to make it available for everyone.
Only members:

This will let only registered members to visit the page. Members require to login from the website’s member login panel. See below;

member log in

Without logging in, no members will get access in to the page.
Only members of a specific group:
Assuming a group is created and the group has got some members added. More information about adding new member, creating group and group administration can be found below;
            > Member Administration
            > Group Administration

Now from the “Page Restriction” please select “Only members of a specific group” and then select the group name from the available group list. Press “Save”.

Member Protected_2

Only a specific member:
If this option is selected, only a single member will be able to access the page. From “Page Restriction” please select “Only a specific member” and then select the member whom you going to allow the access from the available member list. Press “Save”.

Member Protected_3

Nobody can see:
Select this option only if you would like to hide a page. No one will be able to visit the page. The page-link will be off from the site navigation panel. Administrator will have the chance to make it visible “All can see” at anytime using the console.