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Why am I losing important emails?
Some of the reasons why you could be losing emails:

> Some of your emails are trapped in the SPAM folder at our server, and your email client is not configured to download the server SPAM folder
> Your email application could be filtering emails to a local SPAM folder
> Senders domain could be black listed
> Your mailbox could be full. Please see here how you can avoid your inbox becoming full


warning  WebAlive has a strong SPAM filtering mechanism in place to protect your mailbox from unwanted emails.

While you may have a SPAM folder in your email application such as Outlook, there might be a separate SPAM folder in the server. This depends on how your email application was configured. If you think you are losing emails, we strongly recommend that you check your SPAM folder in WebMail to make sure that none of your emails are being trapped at the server SPAM folder.

If you find that many of your important emails are going to the server SPAM folder, you can configure your Anti Spam setting.