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How do I setup anti spam configuration?

Email anti spam configuration allows you to configure the spam score, add an email address or website to the white (allow) or black (disallow) list. Please apply the following steps to setup anti spam configuration.

Log into WebAlive Portal Webmail at – and click ‘EmailConsole’. Click the manage button of your desired domain (if you have more than one domain with us)

1. email-console


Clicking on the ‘Manage’ button will display following window. Now please click ‘Domain Level Spam Configuration’

2. email-console


Select your ‘Spam Score’ from the drop down menu (Threshold that defines if a mail is spam or not spam). Please do not set your ‘Spam Score’ to ‘Very Aggressive’.

3. email-console


Create Whitelist, Blacklist:

Whitelist: Let’s suppose you get sick and tired of all the junkmail you receive from senders using email address. You decide to set a rule in your email security settings to automatically divert any emails coming from a email address.To add a domain or email address in the Whitelist, you may use ( * ) as a wildcard to allow a large number of addresses at one time. E.g. Whitelist From * will not mark any message that claims to be from as spam.

Blacklist: *E-mail from these addresses will always be marked as spam. You may use ( ** ) as a wildcard to block a large number of addresses at one time. E.g. Blacklist From * will mark all messages that claims to be from spam.

4. email-console